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oh how i love the barter system

11 January 09


i’m a bit impatient this weekend, because my own personal version of these superfabulous house slippers by jennifer at all the pretty flowers might be in their final stages at some point in the weekend.  and i’m bartering for them!  jenn was kind enough to try my kombucha, which she’s been curious about, and i have a backup trade if the ‘bucha isn’t to her family’s liking.  

um, in case you’re curious, mine are a nice dark grey wool (with possibly a circle and a button but definitely no Hearts thankyouverymuch).


why i can still eat local in the winter

10 January 09

the west michigan co-op.

look up there: ‘bucha!

2 January 09

well a while ago, i started a kombucha page, to let you know what i have available for barter.  it mysteriously disappeared and i’m trying again.  take a look up at the top of the page for ‘bucha link.

i will try to keep the page updated with what i have available, as well as what i have come up with for appealing barter ideas.  this, of course, does Not mean you can’t think of something else you’d like to trade… goods and services, not money kids.

right now i have four flavors available:  two red kombuchas (ruby slipper and pomegranate) and two regulars (pear and jasmine) and have just harvested three gallons so there’s plenty to go around!

and a happy new year

1 January 09

this past year has been full. lots of amazing things happening, lots of things in general, lots of stress. i won’t bore you by renaming them here, but i just wanted to wish you all a full year in 2009-and may yours be less stressful than my 2008 was.

we are full of hope and joy looking at 2009: two more folks have joined the Franklin Farm and our community is shaping up beautifully. it feels like it is finally becoming a true community instead of a few folks renting in the ‘hood. we have big dreams and honest expectations and i just couldn’t be more thankful if i tried.

beat down tired

15 December 08

i don’t know if it’s the cold dark weather, or the various stressful (vast and various would be more honest of a description) happenings in our lives of late, or the way christmas can just feel overhwelming to get ready for instead of exciting…

but i am so very tired.

so tired, in fact, that i haven’t been writing.  or journaling.  truth be told, i’m too tired to plug in our christmas lights.  not to mention needing to take some pictures of said lights, which in a couple spurts of energy i put up and are now decorating our home in every room in the house except bedrooms!  good grief.

so tired, in fact, that i am ordering pizza for dinner tonight.  and if you know me, you know this is Not Normal.  convenience food?  takeout food?  who is this woman i have become?   i have been feeling this tired for, oh, two weeks now.  but i feel too guilty to just rest.  i keep trying to go go go.  which just brings me back to beat down tired.

i go to websites like ali and hanna, who would normally inspire me and send me on a creative spree, and i just get overwhelmed.  oh how i love going to their websites, and getting re-inspired.  ali is doing this amazing daily journal during december and i had wanted to do it along with her.  it’s so beautiful!   and i can’t, i just can’t fathom it.  normally i’d be up for such a challenge and it would be so good for me.  but like i said, beat down tired.  Not Normal.

tonight our friend heather told me it’s okay to be tired.  i’m sure she knew that i didn’t believe her.  

the hardest part, i think about being this tired, is feeling so guilty about it.  i mean, honestly, who feels guilty about being tired?


so, all that nonsensical rambling to say…i’m sorry i haven’t been here lately.  i’m sorry you won’t be getting elaborate handmade gifts this year.  and massi, i’m sorry the kitchen’s still dirty and i’m ordering pizza for dinner.

ain’t that the truth

11 December 08

you know those cheesy forwards that people send you, telling you if you’re a true christian you’ll pass this on to everyone in your contact list?  the ones that tell you all sorts of craziness in the name of christianity?

well i got one of those today, but in the middle of all the nonsense, i found some Truth:


“Remember…..Just going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car. “


11 November 08

the contractor’s men are next door right now, finishing the tear-out of everything that had water damage.  our insurance is covering everything except our deductible, of course.

we are blessed.

we are covered.

we are well taken care of.