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jUicy weekend

sometimes, we all need to refuel and re-energize our creative selves.

sometimes we need to rest and laugh and think big thoughts, dream big dreams.

sometimes it takes being surrounded by a tribe to really relax.  sometimes, of course, it takes a big glass of red wine.    

sometimes we could use a little help to get our creative juices going again.

sometimes we could use a little help to get our creative juices going again.



that’s where jUicy weekends come in.  a group creative retreat, if you will, without having to pay someone hundreds of dollars to attend.  without having to buy a plane ticket and pack a bag and find someone to watch the cat.  surrounded by people you know and cherish, rather than strangers.  in fact, jUicy weekends are intentionally full of no- and low-cost items.  your only cost will normally be pitching in with food/money for food, and perhaps a coffeeshop purchase.

jUicy weekends also don’t require that you have a full weekend free.  of course, you can do everything on the schedule.  but you aren’t excluded if you can only come to one or two things.


so with that, here’s a sneak peak at the next jUicy weekend:

April 17-19, 2009 First Ever jUicy Weekend

Friday April 17

Saturday and Sunday

  • lie-ins  (sleeping in)
  • coffee at sparrows
  • Downtown Sidewalk Chalk Flood 
  • adventures, explorations, and creative group prompts*
  • time to knit/craft/draw around the duncan together
  • snacks, pica pica dinner, Sunday brunch, beverages
  • photowalk
  • stitching our own journal/handmade book
  • creative readings (sharing our inspiration) and writings (journaling our experiences)

*for an idea of what what i’m talking about here, check out How To Be An Explorer of the World.  And be sure to share your own ideas!

More details and complete schedule to come soon; stay tuned!

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