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kombucha is a fermented tea with many health benefits.  the main ones noted from various sources are that it is a powerful detoxifier and restores the good bacteria in your body which boosts your immune system.

these have both been my experience, as well as relieving my arthritis and noticeably boosting my energy.  there’s plenty of info online if you are interested, but the one i’ve found most helpful is an online group in yahoo called original kombucha.

i have been brewing my own kombucha for myself as well as friends and family for over two years now, and am currently making more than i can drink myself.  so i am offering bottles of kombucha for barter:  i will trade for goods and services, just let me know what you would like to offer!

first bottle you try is free, so you can see if you like it and if you like mine in particular!  if you’re interested, contact me or leave a comment below.  thanks!

currently available:

ruby slipper (berries and orange)





currently looking for barters with:

sewing (dresses, skirts, curtains-simple things, nothing complicated)

the use of your large oven to make giant granola batches

goat milk

foodstuffs you grew or made yourself


plants and seeds

other creative ideas you may come up with

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