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back to the living.

5 April 09

i was really, really worn out.  a year and a half of massi constantly working on these old houses (and therefore me doing all meals and cleaning and shopping and… you get the idea) and my pulling together my book proposal and all that goes along with that, and i was just beat down tired.


and then i went to africa.


for ten whirlwind days.


on the last day, i started to feel  sick.  that lasted…oh, two weeks.  with lot of things to make me even more devoid of energy than i was before.

and that’s why i haven’t been around here much lately.

so friday, while at work, i felt Productive.  it was a very strange feeling.  and yesterday, i spring cleaned and organized for a good portion of the day.  it was a very strange feeling.

i am glad to be back to the living, and glad to be writing again, and looking forward to curling up with some time in my journal this afternoon as the snow flies (!) outside, in front of the “fireplace” we found this weekend.

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  1. rubyslipperlady permalink
    20 April 09 3:28 am

    Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

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