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day one: it’s not pretty

25 February 09

i’ve been keeping notes on my consumption today, and though i don’t know that i’ve been able to stay away from certain things completely, i am Noticing them more.  with media, i seem to have a “get in get out” mentality, rather than my usual meander, linger, and downright loiter practices.

so.  you want to know how bad it is?  i’m embarrassed but it’s just not in my nature to be demure or cagey.  no no, i’m an open book whether i want to be or not.  so.  tawdry, embarrassing… but here’s the list, from 7:17 a.m. to 5:10 p.m.:

  • morning coffee.  (i wrote “duh.  7:20 a.m.”)
  • morning cigarette.  busted. 
  • radio 1 hr a.m. 88.1
  • facebook 5 minutes (at around 11, i lasted for a long time)-to check responses to my lent link.  NOTHIN.
  • wordpress 5min. 
  • lunch-gnocci mini meal with pesto and sausage, bread, fruit, water.  oatmeal because i was still hungry.
  • gmail 5 minutes, including lent devotion.
  • iHanna, 2 minutes, in which i read this:

  • “this is the only reality there is.  if you can get it down on paper, in words, notes, or color, so much the better.” -henry miller

  • $3.24 trial size big sexy hair hairspray
  • $2.50 trial size rusk pomade
  • (i’m getting a real hairstyle in 1.4 weeks)
  • $1.39 frosty, chocolate, small
  • 88.1 fm radio for 3 hours in the afternoon
  • facebook 2min
  • iGoogle 1min
  • 20min  and sooooo worth it.
  • researching crackers online 3 min.
  • mini bagel and cream cheese, quantity of which is undisclosed
  • facebook 2 min
  • diet coke
  • google checkin 1/2 min
  • FB 1/2 min
  • wordpress-oh…15 minutes we’ll say.

honestly, i don’t think anything is that embarrassing in and of itself.  it’s the amount of times i have to return to certain media, just in case anyone had said anything to me and i was missing it.  in my defense, not checking my gmail  until after noon did result in 9 emails, 7 of which were personal not junk and 4 of which required response.  but did i need to check in to FB for a hot minute every couple hours? 

i also noticed-i do these things when i’m bored.  i’m between tasks, or i’m waiting for photos to upload, or… they’re not needs but they’re addictions, distractions, bridgers between activity….


okay, let’s be honest.  here’s what i learned today:

Facebook is my trashy magazine in the checkout line.

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  1. diane nienhuis permalink
    28 February 09 7:26 pm

    I love that you are keeping a log.
    In your defense – two of those things on the list were because of me. I was talking to you about crackers. And I strongly urged you to go to Don Miller’s site. (I LOVED the post on “how to write a book”). So, feel good that you were being a good friend to me! 🙂

    FB – I feel ya.

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