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take the zarzuela

20 January 09

zarzuela is a traditional catalan dish, and “take the zarzuela” is a possible title for my book.

to celebrate my upcoming completion of my book proposal, i wanted to make it at home.  looking for a recipe online, i came upon this:

“Zarzuela is a Catalan fish dish which can be delicious or a disaster depending on where you eat it or who cooks it. ” 

which, given the reason i want to name my book thus, is too perfect.  “Take the Zarzuela” comes from one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books that I read while living in Catalan.  From James Michener, in Iberia:

snapshot-2009-01-20-18-10-03i must have shown my apprehension, because the waiter said an extraordinary thing:

my friend, if you trust in the goodness of God, take the zarzuela.

such advice i could not ignore, so i nodded, fearing the worst…

….and i had to agree with the waiter that

sometimes the goodness of God must be trusted.


you see, i often don’t know whether or not to trust God in something unknown.  like a zarzuela.  it could turn out really really bad and you just don’t know until you try.  but sometimes, when you try, when you take that chance and choose to trust, something amazingly beautiful can happen.  something that reminds you that despite all the crap, there are the most beautiful things here in this world for us to enjoy.  sometimes the goodness of God must be trusted.

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  1. 25 January 09 4:55 pm

    love it. and you’ll beat the monster. i just saw you throw a strong punch at his big ugly face, and then i watched him fall down.


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