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facing the monster

19 January 09


there is a big self-aggrandizing monster staring at me right now. i’ve been letting him win, letting him tell me i can’t finish this damn thing, can’t get to the end, can’t make it work.

and so far, he’s been winning. this book proposal i’m trying to attack has got to be the worst writing i’ve done in my entire life. it’s really, really, horribly awful. right now.

the monster keeps telling me this is just how it is, that it will never get better. keeps telling me that this book i’m trying to get ready to share with the world isn’t worth the paper i want it printed on.


he’s got a lot of balls, this monster.
but i’m sitting here, at the sparrows a.k.a. stray dog, refusing to listen to his nonsense.
the Book Proposal Monster will not beat me.

best garlic in all of spain

best garlic in all of spain

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