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a big pile of books.

11 January 09

when i was a child, my mother had a wise rule for me when we went to the library: i could only check out as many books as i could carry all by myself on the four block walk home. i worked out the best possible way to carry as many books as possible: arms stretched down low, chin jutted out to hold the pile in place. i would waddle home, my arms-length and then some selection of books in front of me, without complaining. if i complained, i couldn’t get as many books next time.

well, i think my husband is starting to heed my mothers’ wisdom. today was a very fruitful day at the library, and i came home with eight books and four cd’s. he made me carry only half, being the gentleman that he is. (note to self: bring a sturdy bag with you next time!)


i know you’re curious, so i’ve finally given in and done the “currently reading” bar along the side of my blog.  we’ll see how well i do at keeping that updated…. if anyone knows how to add an easy widget to the side of a wordpress blog to show you pictures of the books i’m reading, please edumacate me.  in the meantime, here’s a good ol’-fashioned list (in no order whatsoever other than the way they’re sitting on my table):

the revolution will not be microwaved-katz

harvest for hope, a guide to mindful eating-jane goodall

orbiting the giant hairball-mackenzie

grub, ideas for an urban organic kitchen-lappe/terry

everything i want to do is illegal, war stories from the local food front-salatin

encyclopedia of an ordinary life-rosenthal

the circle of simplicity-andrews



and music to go along with it:

felice brothers


songcatcher soundtrack

the secret museum of mankind:  music of north africa 1925-48

oh and!  in case you’re curious, these books were already in stacks around my house and being read as the mood fit:

six thinking hats-de bono

deep economy-mckibben

more-with-less cookbook

creating a life worth living-lloyd

living out loud-smith

the creative license-gregory

and to find out more about what interests me (for those tireless souls who got this far and still want MORE), check out my “book wish list” in the blogroll on the left.  as always, amazon is handy but i highly recommend utilizing your local non-chain bookstore and your library!

i’ll let you know what i think of them!  no guarantees yet, these are the ones that just caught my interest and made their way into my home.  what better way to spend a snowy, cabin-fever kind of winter, right?

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  1. rubyslipperlady permalink
    12 January 09 2:25 am

    Wow! I thought it was bad when I had 4 that I was trying to read at once! I’m working on Jesus as Pres. right now but took a break last week for movies. I’m ready to turn off the dvd player and read now, this is even more incentive.

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