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privilege and honour.

20 August 08

we have all heard the phrase, “do as i say, not as i do,” thrown around as a joke quite a bit.  but anyone watching the younger generation walk away from the church can tell you that the joke just isn’t funny any more.  we are tired of a christianity that has the right words, knows where to find the right scriptures, but isn’t willing to take Jesus seriously enough to let their comfortable lives be changed.  we look at the lives of the early christians and wonder what has happened to the idea of not conforming to the patterns of the world.  we are yearning for a leadership that we can trust to not just mean what they say, but live what they say.  in shane claiborne’s latest book, jesus for president, we read:  

but– “but throughout the ages, beautiful saints have lived faithfully, giving us hope that a set-apart people can fascinate and bless the world.”

it is my privilege and honour to introduce to you one of those beautiful saints:  shane claiborne.


it really was my privilege and honour to introduce shane to the crowd at the baseball field, there to hear about this crazy tour across the united states to raise awareness and funds for poverty alleviation.  it was my privilege and honour to pick him up at the airport, bring him to gaia for lunch, pack him a little bag of goodies to help him avoid airline food… definitely a Good Day.  i like taking care of people, so this “assignment” was fun.  i wanted to document the day, so i lugged my camera everywhere with me on sunday.

i didn’t pull it out once.


but, thanks to jonathan stoner i can still share a photo or two with you.

IMG_4241 by Jonathan Timothy Stoner. 

i totally love this one.  shane and i look like we just got Busted by the teacher for doin Somethin that our dreadlocked bead-wearing selves shouldn’t have done.

those hippies are up to no good, i tell you.  all that talk about sharing money and loving enemies.  nothin but trouble.

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  1. bemis permalink
    22 August 08 10:30 am

    you’re in trouble, nyah nyah ni nyah nyah! i love this picture too, holly! you should really learn to behave yourself…or not, because life is more fun if you don’t do what you’re “supposed” to.

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