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shane day. book day. farm night.

18 August 08

i’m trying to get my energy up to work on my book today.
after such a busy day yesterday, this is proving to be a bit of a struggle.
i hung out with shane claiborne all day yesterday (oh woe is me, right) and introduced him to a crowd of about 6000 people. by the end of the day my legs were tired. why in the World were my legs tired? good grief.  anyway it was a good day.  we brought him to gaia for lunch.  he and massi talked over help-yourself coffee about what they say when they’re asked what denomination they’re from.  

massi’s answer:  “sorry, i’m just christian.”

shane’s answer (“are you protestant or catholic?”):   “yes.”


so now, it’s back to a normal day, but not really because it’s a book day.  a get-the-book-ready-for agents day.  a day to stay at home and focus on writing and creating and sharing my experiences.

and hopefully tonight we’re going out to a friend’s new farm and dream big.  they’re starting a sustainable farm in cascade (a suburb of grand rapids, kinda).  they have big land and i’m already picturing myself off in a corner with a tent and an old rickety writing table-i had a dream about this a few years ago.  they’re talking about combining urban and rural farming worlds, which is maybe where we come in. maybe we could bring some of the kids in our urban neighborhood out to their farm to visit chickens and pull weeds and see what a tomato plant looks like.  maybe the franklin farm and their farm will do some collaboration.  maybe we’ll just enjoy and support one another.  who knows what will happen, but it sure will be a lot of scheming and dreaming going on tonight.

it’s one of those days when i get to “move in the direction of my dreams.”  going back to the office might be kind of hard tomorrow….

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