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for all those moments when i wish i had my planner with me…

6 August 08


i have recently discovered the joy of mini-journals.  and not for journaling, but for keeping track of random thoughts and ideas and ….well to be honest….measurements.  like the size of space under my kitchen sink.

i make menus there, list to-dos and books i wanna read, and movies to watch, and basically any random thought that pops into my head that i’ll want to retrieve at a later time.  trust me, it’s safer there in the mini.

i started with a moleskin (above), but it proved to be too thick (and thus didn’t Always go with me) but i’ve recently started to use the greenroom eco version, from target-they have lovely little designs, are nice and slender, and at 3 1/2 by 5 little inches, they’re the size of an index card but not so easy to lose. 

it’s my most important organizational tool, i’m sure of it.  i like to say because it gets Used, which it does.  never without it.  but the real reason is because it’s un-structured enough for me to not feel all crimpy.  and working in an office, i get enough of that already, thankyouverymuch.

the keys to making this system work:

1)always have it with you.  has to be something thin and small enough to fit anywhere.

2)use random idle moments (waiting for the bus, waiting for the tea to boil, instead of the trash mags in the grocery store line) to flip through and remind yourself of the things you threw in there.

3)when you’re getting to the end, go through and transfer any info you’ll still need into the new journal.  like those measurements for the kitchen sink space that i just can’t seem to find the right storage system for.

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  1. ritesofpassage permalink
    7 August 08 1:33 am

    Sounds a lot like a hipster PDA. I have a Levenger circa PDA that serves the same purpose. It makes step three unnecessary — instead of moving everything to a new journal, you just take out the stuff you don’t need to carry with you and store it somewhere else (or recycle it).

  2. emily permalink
    7 August 08 11:49 am

    just wanted to thank you for this post! i read you comment on andrea scher’s blog and though i’d come check out yours. i actually bought some of those mini journals from target a while ago but i hadn’t really found a use for them yet. your idea is perfect! thanks again 🙂


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