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local food and other attempts at being healthy and sustainable

14 July 08

a few days ago, with my 100% local meal, i made a kefir smoothie with local berries and honey.  it was beautiful to see it transform in my blender and i knew i was feeding my body so many nutrients that aren’t normally found in the american diet.

then, the day after that, i packed myself a lovely little bento lunch:  top layer was nuts and dried fruits, bottom layer was local-homemade yogurt, homemade jam, locally foraged juneberries.  gorgeous.  crazy healthy.  de-lish.

then-and here’s the part where you are about to be very proud of me indeed:

then i had a bad weekend.  it was rough, kids.  burglaries, faucets that wouldn’t shut off, that kind of thing.  bad.  so, clearly, i reached for the chips and dip.  the kicker?

yep, it’s local:

i just realized, just now, as i was feeling guilty about my stress eating, (with the bag of chips getting low by the end of the weekend you’ll notice) that my dip came from bareman’s dairy farm, in holland, michigan.  and my chips are “better made,” from detroit.  don’t get all impressed, it wasn’t like i was going to find some local crap to be all high and mighty about discovering local food in its various forms.  i just went for the chips and dip. no forethought.  just GIMME THE SALT AND NOBODY GETS HURT was all i was thinking.  these were cheap and close, from one of the local party stores (ghetto grocer, corner store, beer store, whatever it’s called in your area, you know what i’m talking about right?).  this seems to happen a lot at wealthy market, and many party stores, i’ve noticed:  more local fare.  crappy, not good for you, yes, all of that.  but Local.

impressed?  no?

yeah, me neither.  but it made me laugh.  and not take myself so seriously, which is always a good thing for this little girl to do more of.

and no, deb, this is definitely Not the local challenge meal of the week.

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  1. 14 July 08 3:05 am

    Ok my junk food right now is Cheddar cheese from Meijer (trying to get RID of it so I can dig into my local!), dried apricots and Meijer Wheat crackers.

    We are Such Peapods!

    Isn’t El Matador a local company? Should we buy stock?!

  2. ritesofpassage permalink
    14 July 08 5:41 pm

    Well, okay, if you say so. But it would qualify ….

  3. rubyslipperlady permalink
    15 July 08 6:50 am

    I’m just impressed that you only ate ONE bag of chips, really? I would’ve had two with the sounds of that weekend. Hope this week dawns brighter.

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