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OLS week 6 (all but the little lemon slice)

12 July 08

On week five of the One Local Summer Challenge, i found myself making meals that were all local, according to the rules of the challenge (which allow exceptions for oil and salt and pepper and other spices).  All, that is, except for one little ingredient.  Or maybe a smidge of a second ingredient.  I just couldn’t seem to get my 100% local arse in gear.  I did make some lovely things like make-your-own pizzas, but some folks used spaghetti sauce or olives and those don’t qualify…you get the idea, yes?  But I’d say most of our meals were about 80% local, which is Blowing My Mind.

This kept happening during week six too!  Good grief.

Finally, I gave in, and decided that one little lemon slice did not make me a failure.

So:  the entry to the OLS challenge for week six was started with salmon, caught by friends of friends last year (and darn it all, here it is about time to catch more salmon and they still had some left in their freezer.  OH, here, let me help you with that).  I used my friend Joachim’s recipe for salmon goodness, and he’s from Norway so let’s hope those folks know what to do with a fish.  Well, yes, yes indeed they do.

I delved into the world of the rutabaga and sauteed up some rutabaga from our csa, and some michigan red potatoes, from just down the lane a bit from Grand Rapids.  Threw a bunch of various herbs in there (this is my new favorite thing)-and I do mean a bunch.  you couldn’t hardly see the vegs below!

Then there was this chinese cabbage that needed to be used, so I made more coleslaw-other new favorite thing!-with my grandma’s recipe and that homemade mayo again, except we skipped the garlic cuz who wants garlic in their sweet coleslaw?  Not me, and I generally want garlic in everything.  

and and And the best part:  the smoothies.

i froze some kefir with a bunch of local berries (straw, ras, june) and some local honey, whirred it all up in a blender, and Man was that good!  fabulous dessert, yes?


Jensen Salmon

individual salmon filets

butter pats 

salt & pepper

bay leaf

whole allspice

thin lemon slices

on a sheet of tinfoil, put small pats of butter in a row, and the salmon filets on top of them.  sprinkle generously with freshly-ground salt and pepper.  on top of each filet add a bay leaf, a lemon slice, and another pat of butter (yes, in that order).  wrap up the aluminum foil nice and tight so that steam can’t really escape much.

put in the oven on a sheet (something that will hold the inevitable butter that will escape during cooking) and cook at 375 for…oh….half an hour.  it’s hard to say because your filets can be quiet different than mine.  but for me i check at half an hour, and see if a bit more time is needed.  it usually is, i’m just impatient.

**the jensens make homemade hollandaise sauce with theirs, and baked potatoes which Also get the hollandaise sauce, but Man.  in contrast to typical food decisions, especially when it comes to hollandaise, i decided that making it from scratch this time did not make it okay to consume copious amounts of fat.  maybe because it’s summer, and it’s hot, and you know, it’s hot.

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  1. ritesofpassage permalink
    13 July 08 5:44 am

    It sounds wonderful. Especially the dessert!

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