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three words: b.l.t. (OLS week 4 continued)

28 June 08

the morning trip to the farmer’s market proved quite successful indeed.  lunch afterwards was (if you count a local bakery as local bread) another ols qualifier:

blt sandwiches:

-cheddar cheese onion pitas from bova, which is my favorite standby for pizza bases and many other bread items during those hot summer months when i can’t bear to put the oven on 400 for longer than two seconds.

-amazing bacon from crane dance farms, this place makes me happy every time.  near them are their friends at brickyard farms, and it seems they’re getting nervous about the garlic mob in two weeks.  two weeks!  (have i mentioned i Love knowing my farmers?  they’re fabulous)

-a mixture of many fabulous greens from our blessed little csa, groundswell

-tomatoes from the farmer’s market, homegrown just outside grand rapids and ripened on the vine. whew!

-homemade mayo

holly’s blender mayo-the real stuff

a little vinegar (i prefer apple cider)

a little milk if you want to extend it

a little whey if you want it to have a longer shelf life

a small clove of garlic for some added zing

one egg

a bit of salt

whip together in your blender till smooth.  

pour in canola/vegetable oil in a slow steady stream while blending, until it no longer takes in any more oil.

to turn this into a modern-machine version of the famous spanish garlic alioli, add a large garlic clove and change your oil to at least half olive oil.


and to wash it all down, minted whey

whey (that liquid left from making cheese from raw milk), a little sugar, some banged-up mint from our backyard-shake it up in a jar and let it sit in the fridge while you make lunch….even my husband had to agree it was tasty and he thinks my habit of drinking whey is odd.

but how pretty…..

i need to admit folks, that the whole carbon footprint thing?  probably the Last if i were to prioritize on why i eat local as much as possible.  it has a lot to do with flavor (there is Nothing better than old varieties of foods eaten in season) and a lot to do with community (conversations with farmers and fostering a deep economy, sharing the fruits of their labors with others, all those benefits of community that you don’t get at the big ol meijer).  then next comes the fact that fresher food with fewer chemicals and no preservatives is healthier and my body knows how to absorb and use it.

the fact that it took less than a typical american family vacation to get it to me?  that’s a very nice bonus, but to be honest i don’t need that scary carbon-use fact to get me preferring local foods.  i’m pretty hooked as it is!




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  1. ritesofpassage permalink
    28 June 08 8:39 pm

    The sandwich looks delicious. The whey? Well, if you say so.

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