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i was just so tired (ols week 4)

26 June 08

so, i had this local chicken in my fridge.  which i had gotten out the day before i left on my work trip and then forgot to use it.

so i got home from the canadia and there it was, telling me i’d waste that poor chicken’s loving care to bring me protein if i didn’t use it Right Now.  so i threw it in a pan with the old standby seasoning (spike, kids, it’s called spike.), and roasted it in some olive oil.  then i realized i had some good local red potatoes and some onions and wow, did richa bring us a lot of unidentified herbs from his garden.  so i threw everything else into the cast iron skillet (i’m still tired-i first typed “wrought iron skillet” oh dear) with some more olive oil.

wa-la.  all local meal.  with the legal exceptions of oil and spice.those potatoes were fabulous, kids.  i’m going to do a toss-your-random-herbs-in-here-potatoes again.

unfortunately, i didn’t have the energy to take a picture.  now that’s tired.  and anyway, it’s chicken and potatoes.  how exciting of a photo can that be, really? 


meanwhile, my husband made an all-local meal himself while i was gone-i had to tease him about that.

he sauteed up some tomatoes and asparagus and onion, then added some eggs to make a big veggie scramble.  seriously, it’s amazing to me how we’re just “happening” to have all-local meals, without even trying all that hard.  how did that happen?  and why doesn’t it happen to more people?


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  1. ritesofpassage permalink
    27 June 08 1:37 am

    Sometimes the simple meals are the best. Hope you get a chance to rest up.

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