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ols week 3

22 June 08

well, would you look at that.

it’s saturday lunchtime, i’m just culling random leftovers from potluck friday the night before, and it hit me:  i had all-local ingredients in my leftover specialty.  i often use leftover potatoes this way, layering mashed potatoes, meat something, maybe some fromage blanc or cream cheese, some olives, perhaps, some leftover roasted veggies works well, and then a generous layer of shredded cheese; into the oven til the cheese is bubbly.

so this time, the ingredients for my leftovers specialty were as follows:

mashed michigan potatoes with kale (made by the inspiring richa and judith, who only ever eat all local; the kale was from their garden i believe)

leftover venison sausage from my parents, hunted by my father and prepared by my mother.

olive cheese from lubbers dairy, purchased that morning at the farmers market.

i tried to get a photo of it once served, but as you can see by this there was a struggle, the husband waving his fork and edging the camera away; i was getting in the way of his dinner!

but i’ll allow him that; after all, he’s been hard at work on my lovely kitchen, making it into what i envision the ideal simple-world real-food-making kitchen to be.


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