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the nearly-all-local day

16 June 08

i’ve had a good local-foods day.

first, after being out of town most of the week, i finally got to the one local summer challenge meal, a late lunch that looked like this:

i made a scramble with eggs and milk from grassfields; tomatoes, garlic scapes, and scallions from the farmers market.

then summer squash (you gotta love greenhouses) and asparagus, sauteed up with some more garlic scapes, from the farmers market.  and cinnamon bread from the market as well.  (you see a theme here?  the garlic scapes from the farmers market are a big hit on our plates).

my homemade yogurt, and the first day of strawberries, made dessert.  um, yum.

before lunch, cafe con local raw leche.  after lunch (long after), garlic kielbasa from crane dance at the farmer’s market (i cannot say yum enough for crane dance’s meats) and coleslaw made from a giant chinese cabbage from trillium haven at the farmer’s market.  the husband teased me that i wasn’t taking pictures of dinner:  “it’s not pretty enough?”  the husband also started a great conversation with me over lunch today, about why i care so much about local food.  he gave me the opportunity to process and explain why this has become so important to me, and i realized that it’s really three main things:

1)the carbon footprint deal.  the amount of gasoline that goes into transporting our food amazes me.  i don’t want to be a part of all that nonsense, so my environmetal response is to go local as much as possible.

2)the health and flavor deal.  this food tastes So much better than the no-food-in-our-food stuff that you can buy at the grocery store.  i love food, people you know this.  fresh local in-season food that hasn’t been picked green and had crazy things happen to it to get it to my grocery store unblemished and ripe-looking?  what a difference.  it’s not just tomatoes that taste better this way, turns out it’s, well, basically everything.

3)the local economy deal.  i believe in knowing and supporting your local farmer.  i believe in being connected to the people that work so hard to make what i consume.  i believe that small is beautiful and, usually, more conscienscious (sp?).  i believe that loving my neighbor means helping them make a living, when i can.  so i do.  and that is so much fun!  seriously, i’ll take the farmer’s market over the mall Any day.  there’s something real, there.  at the mall, it feels like plastic. 

i just plain enjoy local.  it feels good, it feels right.  it was nice to have someone make me vocalize the reasons it feels so right.

recipes (very easy spelt bread-erm from last week- and my fromage blanc with herbs de provence) to come.  really, i promise.  also, note the additions to the “ols week 1” post, as you’ll find some good resources and explanations there. 






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  1. 16 June 08 12:52 pm

    I hear you. Every word of it. Clearly.

    We could probably spend an hour talking about carbon footprint and local living and I think we should some day. You should’ve heard me yelling at the TV last night during Commercials. I was fit to be tied.

    I’m trying to be as local as possible and the more we live into summer the easier it will be. I’m also trying to eat 5 servings of fruits/vegetables a day, so I have to outsource a smidge to make it possible.

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