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ima go crazy, i said.

15 June 08

folks, i am lying about in my living room.

in My living room, the one with the crazy chandelier and chocolate brown walls with black trim, folks.  Mine.  and i’m looking into the red dining room with the giant duncan phyfe still opened up for our first return of potluck fridays.  i made it.  you hear me?  we Made it!

granted, not everything is done.  no, not everything.  lots of little projects still to come.  but.  My Home Is Functional.  and i’m lying about in My living room, looking at old journal pages.  ones that i somehow snuck in between house projects (mostly over lunch breaks at work). 



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  1. 16 June 08 12:49 pm

    Hey! That Journal entry looks familiar!
    So glad to hear you LYING ABOUT in your very own SPACE!

  2. bechirih permalink
    17 June 08 1:29 am

    but of course you do! you were my muse that day.

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