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ols week 1

6 June 08

my 100% local meal challenge has begun… we get most of our local food from three main sources: 

1: grassfields farm & green pastures cow share (both on the same family farm just 20 miles away from home, and oh a restful drive through tiny burroughs along the river to get there) provides our milk, meat, eggs, and some cheeses.  with the cow share (currently Four gallons of milk a week) i make yogurt, butter, soft cheeses such as the fromage blanc below…and Love getting to know our farmers.  they are really fabulous people that decided a while ago that their generational farm should start taking better care of God’s animals.  so they went to free range organic and now provide us with just the most enjoyable source of local protein i could ever dream up.


2.  groundswell csa-what can i say, but that a community-supported farmer that has built-in gleaning in their program (they do pick-ups at a local long-term homeless shelter, and what we don’t pick up is given to the shelter) is Really something i want to support.  they rock, and if you get a chance thank them for growing our food because they got flooded just recently and could use the encouragement and reminder that this is why we join csa’s. ya know.

3.  the fulton street farmer’s market.  love it.  proud of it.  makes me thankful i live in michigan, every week.  only beef i have is that there are a few folks there sell non-local things.  i ban them and whisper about them as i walk by, so it’s all good.  🙂  and i flock to those that answer my local query with, “oh no, ma’am, everything we sell comes from Our farm just outside of town.”  there’s one i particularly love; they have a giant old glass greenhouse that gives me early tomatoes that taste like July. 

so in weeks to come, i’ll note other resources as i use them, but if i don’t tell you where it came from you can Assume it’s coming from one of the above thee. 

so.  on to this week’s menu:

roasted carrots, giant scallions and candy sweet spring onions with thyme and rosemary

adobo chicken


salad with fromage blanc, tomatoes, and raspberry dressing  (a friend’s mom made me the raspberry vinegar from berries in her yard, it’s vintage 2006)

buttermilk spelt bread  (jennings bros. grows and mills grains and sells them to me at the farmers market mentioned above)

and for dessert….

rhubarb compote with ungreek yogurt

i am realizing just how easy it is for a michigander to eat all local, even in june, the “salad month.”  can you believe All of this (minus the olive oil and the spices) is from within 100 miles from me?  most if it is more like 20 miles from me…i felt very blessed, and had great conversations with the farmers that grew or raised my ingredients!  more on it later…i will provide some recipes and tell you where all of this bounty came from…

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