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5 June 08

kids, i am very excited right now.

i just charted my 100-mile radius to find that, glory!  my sugar is right on the border!  our michigan-sugar-only rule got us sugar from bay city, this time (depending on where you shop, dif’t brands seem to be available).

let me tell you why this matters for me right now (because in general, if my staple sugar comes from my state, that is good for me):  because tomorrow i’m starting the one local summer challenge, and i have rhubarb i want to do up for dessert.  kids like me ate rhubarb yanked from the plant, straight up while running around the neighborhood.  i’m not sure, however, that our dinner guests would enjoy sucking on a stalk of rhubarb quite as much as i do, so…

what’s a girl to do?  i thought about stewing them up until they’re thick, much like i did with the fig bounty in spain (i Needed those figs to last longer than the 3 week season), just boil them down in a little sugar, a little water, keep ’em going til they look like a really fancy marmalade…but uhoh, that takes sugar.

turns out, i am within “rules” with sugar, which just proves once again that with a little investigation, it really is not that hard to get your diet mostly local.  so here we go, the 100% local meal will be made tomorrow night (featuring chicken, carrots, baby onions, some giant version of scallions, spinach, eggs, my homemade fromage blanc, sorrel, raspberry vinegar vintage 2006, new adventures in spelt flour…..

um…you hungry yet?

tune in soon and i’ll have pictures, recipes, and the evening’s events for you.



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