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20 May 08

i really should take pictures more.

i seem to have lost my rechargeable battery charger in the move, way back when, and this little detail is enough to keep me from pulling out the camera for a moment.  for special moments, like when my floors get gorgeous and i’d really like to show you how i was right about the “gorgeous potential” in the run-down house we were crazy enough (or is that wise enough?) to buy.

so:  for your update, since i have no pictures.  i’ve put the 2nd coat of polyurethane on the wood floors.  it is gor.geous.  we are staying at pseudomom pam’s and that is nice because when the work is done for the day we can truly relax.  it’s so relaxing there.  so nice.  we also had to put a new fridge in the upstairs because the old one was leaking so bad it was coming through the downstairs roof.  just a little drip drip.

and for some reason, i chose bisque instead of white, thinking of the future wall colors instead of the white fixtures (sink and stove) that are both white.  meanwhile, downstairs the dishwasher is bisque, the stove has cream in it, not white, and everything is very natural toned and so why did we get a fridge that was white for down there?  oh yeah because it was used but very gently and it was cheap.

so.  long story short the floors are nearly done and that means The Installing of the Kitchen can commence this weekend and that means i can pull out the beautiful kabylie dishes.  and it means we’ll be switching out the fridges so that things match.

and i am realizing that i am allowed to switch the fridges so that everything matches, and that’s ok and it’s not wrong because It’s My House and i bought both those fridges.  but you know, i’ts always hard for me to be in charge so if you see me on the street tell me it’s okay to have the bisque fridge.  remind me that they both work very nicely, and that i bought them both and that i am the Owner.  because it feels like a dirty word most days, and i could use a little reminder that it’s not.


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  1. 22 May 08 3:55 pm

    white, bisque…it’s all okay.

    It’s the cats that don’t match! 🙂

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