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oh my word the ceiling is dripping

5 May 08

well, kids, we should have knocked on wood a little more. 

the ceiling in the living room is leaking-right where we patched it up a few months ago.  turns out the culprit is the old fridge upstairs that we were planning to replace this fall.  i imagine that old fridge had a breakdown before, or some even older fridge before it.  and it’s at it again.  dripping onto the floor and right down through to the ceiling in My Living Room.  this is why people aren’t landlords, right?  we have to replace this fridge post-haste.

and all i can say is,  well isn’t that perfect.

do you know that feeling, my friends?  when something not so great happens to you out of the blue and you just think “of course.  of course that would happen.” because while you’re trying to grasp at the good things, and the future so bright, meanwhile that thin line of the present is just ready to suck you under.

now, i know it’s an easy fix.  we’ll buy a new fridge.  wonderful friends will help us carry it up the stairs (after they’ve loaned us their vehicle to get it home from the store).  we’ll patch the ceiling.  again.  and life will move on, the future becoming the present and i’ll forget about this bad week at work that ended with a fridge leaking itself into my living room.  i know this is so Not a big deal, in the big scheme and the life of the messed-up world. 

but here, in my little frantic tired world, it’s producing big sighs and resignation.

of course.

of course the ceiling is dripping today.

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