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i need a personal assistant.

9 April 08

i’ve got about 90 of these, now, 30 of which dutifully scanned over lunch and painfully adjusted for balance and color this evening.

only to discover that they’re in .bmp and don’t want to change themselves to anything else, say like a standard .jpg that everybody can see.  though the compression isn’t what i’m going for…

oh and there’s quite a few pages i’d like to redo.

oh and i have to then spread them about and figure out an order.

meanwhile, found a roundabout way to convert to jpeg image, so i’ll give you a taste.  but really, if i’m going to be able to do all this by next thursday, i’ll need a personal assistant.

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  1. 9 April 08 9:01 pm

    Holly, try I’m using them for some old files, to convert them to newer files. You could just upload the files and then they convert them and then you download them…

    Dave Teitsma

  2. 9 April 08 10:29 pm

    love it.

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