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6 April 08

last night i dug out all my journals from my time in spain. 

in less than 3 years,i produced 15 journals.  fifteen!  one was within a month, completely filled.  one gone missing, (ahem) but all is forgiven as i clearly wrote enough pages to have a few disappear here and there.

so in a couple weeks i am going to a writing conference.  to get ready i thought i would go through these incessant visual journals i keep.  i decided to focus on the spain journals, and went through all of them last night.  i feel a book taking shape, and have marked 84 pages -84! that i thought would be good examples to get a book proposal together. 

eightfour beautiful pages, people.

i’m gonna go show them to my husband now.

 postnote:  yep, now we’re up to, er, 109 pages.  one hundred nine.  many of them two-page spreads.  i made myself narrow it down to that after continuing to find more…though there are still multiplying postits sneaking into journal pages with “redo” scrawled upon them, waiting to be added to the collection…. 

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  1. rubyslipperlady permalink
    8 April 08 9:12 am

    awesome! can’t wait to read the book.

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