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i’m smitten

28 February 08

as you know, i’m an artist/generally creative person and lover of beauty, with a hefty side of social conscience: i want to make sure i’m a part of the solution for the world’s ills or at least not a coconspirator in said ills.  that is me in a nutshell.

the expression of my creative self, as you may already know, has taken many forms in the past:  i’ve dabbled (installation art), gone professional (painting, photography, writing), gotten obsessed (art journals), and continue to learn (videography is the spring plan, re-learning to draw is the summer plan). 

but the artform that will be my legacy, i am convinced, is food.  i say food rather than cooking because i’m quite enamored with food culture in general-purchasing it, growing it, researching it, storing it, cooking it, eating it.  people who know very little about me and my professional artist history do already know i make a mean french bread.  my husband will sometimes pronounce, “eso es arte” whilst a housemate is mm-ing through the meal and then Licking Her Plate like a 4 year old who hasn’t yet gone to school and learned that perhaps that’s weird.  i’m quite happy to have the art of food be my legacy, mind you.  i love sharing with people how enjoyable and healthy (not just for your body but for your community and your earth) food was intended to be.  and mostly i want us to regain that healthy enjoyment(with an !) of food.

so yesterday i found my food peapod, i daresay.  at least the cookery peapod.  i’m just plain smitten.  i’m hoping to make the pasta puttenesca and the real chocolate pudding sometime soon.  and the dingdong cake.  and wow, candied grapefruit peels (since i have this obsession with not wasting the peels of things recently, having discovered all their uses).  beyond a fabulous new resource for recipes, i just plain enjoy the way she talks about food. 

 so that rule about not writing about what you had for dinner last night?  pah!  smittenkitchen is proof that though this rule is a good one for those who heated up a hungryman with extra corn and called it dinner, it clearly does not apply in all situations.

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