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office supplies make me happy

18 February 08

today at work while my computer has crashed and i’m using a loaner at work, i have the following joys:

new sharpies, black and fun colors.

giant postits.  giant.

the possibility of a super-rad personal computer.  of the apple laptop variety.  of the very amazing small price variety.

 i’ll be getting eraser butts soon too.

which will make me equally pleased.

well, ok, maybe not as equally pleased as the last item on the list.  but equally as pleased as giant post-its, that’s for sure.

love me.  love my artist self who somehow also likes things neat and organized and with perfect office supplies.   i don’t expect you to understand me.  but love me.  okay?  okay.

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  1. 19 February 08 1:16 am

    i get you, peapod.
    no worries there. I get You.

  2. Stove permalink
    23 February 08 6:24 am

    What are eraser butts? My cube could use some excitement.

  3. 26 March 08 8:19 am

    It’s like christmas at our office when the stationery order arrives, the excitement on peoples faces when they get their hands on their new pens, pads and files etc – still whatever keeps folks happy!

  4. Ossie Albee permalink
    7 November 12 6:32 am

    I always buy my office supplies online because the price is cheaper. ;

    Stop by our personal web site as well

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