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cabin fever ramblings

18 February 08

it seems that everyone in blogger world has cabin fever.

including me.  boy, do i have cabin fever.  i also have when-will-this-dang-house-not-be-a-construction-zone fever.  i’ve got some of my special chocolate-coffee concoction at the ready to help me get, well, get on a fake high of caffeine and sugar this afternoon.  but i know that high will not last.  so, in a (vain i’m sure) attempt at getting myself out of the slump and revving myself up to do some real writing before it’s too late,

here’s some warm-up exercises for you.  i hope you find me interesting.

Four things about me (in 12 different categories) that you may or may
Not have known–in any particular order.

four jobs I have had in my life:

1. art teacher/mentor/art director for the Neighborhood Youth Program.  because i saw some cool graffiti and decided those kids needed a legal outlet.
2. lifeguard.  7 summers.  i used to be tan.  hard to believe, i know.
3. soda jerk.  i.e. waitress in a 50’s restaurant.

4. missionary.  i know, right?  ok well i was working for just treatment of north african immigrants in europe, by teaching them english and being nice to them and helping the director put his emails into proper english.  i found it quite easy indeed to be nice to one north african immigrant in particular.  i’m married to him now.

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

1. Princess Bride (of course)
2. UHF.  the only stupid humour movie i’ve ever liked.
3. amelie.

4. havin problems here…don’t watch many movies more than once.  unlike listening to music.   i can listen to one song over and over again, no worries.  just ask julie.

Four Places I have lived:
1. chicago, il.  it didn’t last long or well.  one word:  mob.
2. barcelona, spain.  beautiful.  difficult.  the most amazing food ever. 
3. pella, iowa.  hometown.  you can never really go back home.  thank the good Lord.
4. grand rapids, mi.  several times over.  home.

Four TV. Shows that I watch:

1.  i have to skip this one because we do not have television in our home.  however, when i’m sick i do like to watch grey’s anatomy online.  and i’m ashamed to admit last night i made the husband watch a rerun episode of “my so-called life.”  he didn’t see what the big deal was.  i was outraged about its cancel all over again.
Four favorite pastime activities:  (only four!  sheesh.)

1. working in my crazy art and word journals.

2. reading
3. watching documentaries and foreign films cuddled up on my husband.
4. crafting with a bunch of girls.  now there’s something we didn’t see coming in my youth!

Four places I have been:  (starting with the most recent)

1. a glorious day in paris, france

2. algeria

3. haiti

4. nicaragua

Four places I would like to visit:

1. turkey
2. both coasts of my country with husband in tow
3. argentina.  because i just can’t get enough of their accent 

4. ireland.

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:

1. finishing this house.

2. the giant dining room housing many a dinner party.
3. planting a vegetable garden…and storing it all in the root cellar i’m creating in our basement on a particularly hot summer day.

4. taking myself seriously.

Four things I am not looking forward to in the coming year:

1. finishing this house.
2. weeding all those vegetables.
3. taking myself too seriously
4. did i mention we have to finish this house?

Four things I do well:

1. write
2. art
3. dance about the living room
4. cook
Four things I hope to do better:

1. love on my husband
2. give the same importance to my art and creativity as i do to other tasks
3. listen
4. shut up  (those last two are kinda the same thing but they’re pretty important right now so i believe they deserve two slots)

Four things that make me really happy:

1. fresh bread smell filling the kitchen
2. really lush deep colors. 
3. figuring out ways to make things Gorgeous and Enjoyable for really cheap.  like, cheaper than the cheap version.  ok i’ll give you an example.  a single flower in a vase, bought at the discount floral shop VS. two 5 gal buckets filled with country roadside flowers and weeds, to put giant spilling-over bouquets all through the house.  you see?  happy.
4. peapods and other kindred souls:  we really have an amazing community around us.

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  1. jason gill-bloyer permalink
    18 February 08 10:44 pm

    you kill me. UHF? have you no shame? i love the dancing around the house bit thoug. i have recently all my old christian records, becuase they are the only ones i know all the words to. not since high school have i invested in a record enough to know every single word. why is this important? so i can sing them to my son whilst we bounce on the yoga ball (which calms him). i used to be too embarrassed on account of the nieghbors to sing too loudly in our apt. but now… hell with it.

    i see you sent camping last fall, very nice. fire looked positively professional.

  2. 19 February 08 1:15 am

    i got mentioned Twice. OhMyLanta.

    How i adore you.

  3. 19 February 08 6:05 pm

    jason, dear friend:
    UHF is an awesome movie. i am secure enough in my intelligence to admit i like this movie.

    and, um. clearly it has been too long since we’ve since you. you have a Child now! we’ll be in chicago for sure a weekend in june, but we’re hoping for another visit before then. we Need to see you while we are there.

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