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on the 2 (part 2)

22 January 08

at some point in the last two years, massi and i started having conversations with our community of friends about being more intentional about our communal lives.  we talked about learning to do “collaborative living.”  we bought a house in the ‘hood, on the 2 bus line, and suddenly we were four people living in a small apartment fixing up a one hundred and six year old house. 

i forgot how much living in community makes a person (a person like me at least) realize just how selfish and demanding one can be.  this is good:  i don’t want to be selfish and demanding, i want to be laid back and loving.  so this exercise in small-space sharing is giving me a chance to work on that.  and honestly, it’s not that hard.  we have wonderful friends and i have a very patient husband and -go figure- i do get glimpses of myself being laid-back here and there.  it’s growing.

i’m growing.

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