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pray -and work- for peace in kenya

2 January 08

“At least 250 people have been killed, including 30 in western Kenya burned to death while sheltering in a church”

“The international community should step in immediately and decisively to prevent another Rwanda.”

i wonder if people will wait so long before taking action this time, or if history might repeat itself.  i wonder-i want to know-what i can do to advocate.  i wonder if our staff will pull out, and if they could even do anything to help if they stayed.   i just recently finally watched the movie “hotel rwanda” and images of that movie are dancing in my head, late at night while i can’t sleep, praying that the similarities are nothing more than that, as i think about my dear friends’ family there; my fellow staff there; the children the young men the oppressed tribes….the children of God, in the middle of chaos.

my new year’s resolution, by the way?  joy.  it’s getting a challenge today as i fight my cynical side to believe in humanity’s goodness.  it’s getting another as my nonviolent protestor side screams “do something!  don’t escape!  be brave!” but i meanwhile cannot think of anything that there is that i can do.  all i can do is pray.  i can pray, i can look for ways to advocate, i can work to bring peace, i can support and encourage those that are there.  if i could fly on a plane and had anything i could do to change the situation in kenya right now, i would.  don’t you just sometimes wish you were God, so you could just swoop in there and say “peace” to the turbulent waters?

which begs the question, where is God?  which begs the Real question, where are God’s people?  where are his hands and feet?  what will they do in this situation?  what are they doing right now?  what am i doing right now? 

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