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playing catch-up

20 December 07

a word of caution for all those considering:

 don’t go overseas to finally meet distant relatives, just a week after closing on a house, then fly back two days before moving into said house, then try to have christmas and new roommates with not enough rooms ready and then family coming for christmas.

i just really don’t recommend it.

this is the reason my blog has been quiet, my photos from algeria are still not on flickr, my christmas tree is still not purchased or decorated (this was remedied on sunday actually), my gifts are not bought (again, nearly all remedied on sunday), my hair is not clean (yep took care of that one too)…..

however.  at the same time we are so very very blessed.  you would not believe the amount of people that are actually Asking to come over to help work on our house.  it’s insane.  we are so blessed by generous -and handy- friends.  we’re having big work parties most saturdays, and i cook big lovely lunches as payment for their help, or at least a sincere thank you.

 we are enjoying our roommates-to-be-tenants, and they are introducing us to lots of new foods and even getting us to go out and be social every once in a while!  it’s good for us.  they make us laugh And they don’t make me feel like a crazy.  in fact, i’m pretty mainstream compared to them.  i mean one of them won’t put anything with petroleum or mineral oil in it, on her body.  as in lotions and such.  have you ever tried to find a beauty product without Both of those ingredients?  they make me feel normal, and that is something that doesn’t happen often so i am thankful.

and, i did get a little something together, though it’s still not finished and really should have some idir with it.  but lest you wait forever to find out how algeria was, here it is:

if i ever get a chance to figure out how to get the music to stay On the video, i’ll share the fixed version with you.  but that may be a while, as you can see, catching my breath is a rare moment.

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