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i just wanted to tell you.

2 December 07


(massi and his mother in algeria) 

i just wanted to take a moment to talk about how fabulous my husband is.  truly, he is a knight in shining armour.  this does not mean he is perfect, or that he always does what i want him to do.  but he is a wonderful husband and an amazing man and i should be more thankful and patient.

 what brought this on, you say?

well, among other things, like buying a home together and him exclaiming that he Loves community living so far, we watched a movie last night, nowhere in africa, (a beautiful movie by the way), and they had a Horrible relationship.  i mean they just had a hard time even wanting to have a conversation with one another.

but they stuck it out.  they kept working on it.  they went back to try again and again.  and in the end found great satisfaction.  it’s like don miller’s idea (november 11) that we have gotten lazy in thinking that we shouldn’t have conflict in our lives-that perhaps conflict is what grows us.  it was a good story, and it really made me think.

first it made me think about how none of us stick it out, in relationships or otherwise, any more.  of course they had the war and threat of death keeping them from giving up, but is that really what it takes for us to handle adversity?  threats?  why doesn’t anyone stick it out?  do we have too many choices?  well, i am so very blessed to have an easy time of “sticking it out” with massi.  and i don’t want any other choices.

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