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safe but rough travels

16 November 07

written in my journal a couple days ago:

a journey is never what you think it will be:

always different.

sometimes it surprises you at how good it is.


you realize what a lazy american you are.

and how your easy; easy life left you soft and weak and expecting so much from life.   and then there are moments ahere you remember that even the part of the trip that reminds you that you are weak is

all part of the riches.

written in my journal yesterday:

the mountains are full of olive trees; all running down the hills from the traditional kabylie houes and i think to myself

life is so hard here

with all these olives to pick on the side of the mountain.

and today:

i still want to learn how to make couscous from scratch.  other than that i am ready to be home.

as you can see, it’s getting harder to see the riches for the roughness.  but looking back at my journal entries is a good reminder.

more later when i’m not in a developing world internet cafe.

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