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28 October 07

we closed on our house on friday at 4pm.  yay!  we’re home owners.  lovely friends and even new people came over to help us bless the house.  then i went straight back to bed.  so much for an exciting celebration of our first home acquirement.

on saturday morning i gave in and called dial-a-nurse to see if i should go in to urgent care to see a doctor.  her assessment was yes, yes you should.  i have bronchitis and i lovely little rattling in my chest and when i stand up i get a really bad headache.

i’m getting really tired of not doing anything but lying in bed.  really tired of it.

and the house isn’t getting fixed up all that quickly with me in bed, now is it?  bah.

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  1. Denielley permalink
    29 October 07 1:39 pm

    Aw Holly. I was afraid of bronchitis.:( I am sad for you and praying that you are better quickly. No worries regarding the house etc… Just get better for your trip! If you need anything at all pleeeaaaassseee call!

  2. Stove permalink
    12 November 07 3:37 pm

    I want to know where you bought this house. We’ll be in the area next week. Will you?

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