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day of rest

21 October 07


a perfect day of rest for me-honestly now-is puttering around in the kitchen for hours on end.  today, i finally got to have a real day of rest:

monster cookies

turtle brownies

buttermilk honey bread

4 gallons of kombucha

mediterranean pesto soup

crab salad

….have all been made today.  ahhh now that’s a good day of rest.

of course, this sort of day of rest has a little glitch:  there’s a big pile of dishes to be done now!  that, for sure, does not fit under the “day of rest” category.  ah well.  we are not in paradise yet.

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  1. 23 October 07 12:29 pm

    i like this pic.
    i want to eat all the things you made.
    i’m coming over Right Now.

  2. Meghan permalink
    24 October 07 6:11 pm

    miss holly. scott always talks about how he eats more before winter, a sort of bear-hibernating mechanism. I get freakishly domestic, in the same battening-the-hatches way, and start baking gingerbread and sewing curtains like nobody’s business. I’m glad you got a day to relax.

    I found that marimekko pattern with the birch trees I told you about for your wood-paneled bedroom – it’s called ‘kaiku’, and if you google you’ll find everything from tea towls to coffee mugs printed in the pattern (and just regular fabric). Here’s a shower curtain:

    I also found this at Urban Outfitters, which is the same idea but a bit more subdued. Their bedspreads make really good curtains, because they’re not so heavy that they can’t hang gracefully, but are thick enough that they provide good insulation in the winter. And in three months or so it’ll be half price, because that’s how UO rolls.

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