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16 October 07

i have been running to and fro.journal07acts11collage.JPG

people, i do not like to be busy.  i like to have time to putter around my kitchen and make multiple loaves of bread and have 5 gallons of kombucha going and be able to watch a good documentary with my husband.

but.  recently i’ve been doing a little speaking tour (and yes i do mean little.  infinitisimal, even) for work, and visiting family where i could squeeze it in, and hanging out at a certain cur-sed work property feeding piles of volunteers who are fixing the roof, and running to chicago to get a visa, and paying 14 dollars for less than an hour of parking, and going in to work on saturdays and nights and generally keeping myself too busy.  all while being in the last stages of buying a house and planning how to fix it up.

as i said, i’ve been running to and fro.

and it just doesn’t stop!  tomorrow i have to go to canada for work, a lovely 7 hour drive for endless meetings and then another 7 hours back.  i have to stay in an empty hotel room without my husband and it’s 9:30 at night and i have yet to pack.  and i have to go in to work early to get things done before we leave!  then when i get back it’s back to the office and then there are meetings to go to (not work-related, thank the good lord in heaven) on saturday.  sunday i shall literally crash on the sofa.

running to and fro, i believe i’ve mentioned.

the worst part of this is not the lack of fresh bread in our home.  it is the fact that i have not even had time to see my favorite people.  i mean, i miss them.  and they tell me they miss me and i feel bad when i hear that they really could have used a chat, and i feel bad for myself too because i could really use some good chats.

so, to those of you whom i have not seen recently.  i am so sorry and believe me, it hurts me more than it hurts you.  to and fro.  bother. 

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  1. 16 October 07 11:33 am

    I am thrilled that you still find time for the most important thing in life–blogging 😉

    welcome to 2850, though. There really is more work to do than is humanly possible, but I guess that’s the nature of the beast when you work for a non-profit.

    wondering why you went to Chicago for your visa? Does Joyce V help with that stuff in your area? You can always ask Patti (over by me) for help and ideas about visa stuff.

    hope things settle down for you a bit sometime soon . . .

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