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we’re famous (well no but check this out)

1 October 07

some of you may remember when we were just back from spain, we ran up to chicago for a few days to be filmed regarding the 1000 journals project that was being turned into a documentary film. 

well, kids.  it comes out on november 4.  and massi and i are both in a trailer. 

to see us go the 1000 journals film website, click on video, and then on “the experiment.”  keep a close eye:  massi has long hair and says experiment in french.  i have short hair and say you-in english.

so, uh, yeah.  we have two words in a trailer.  ok so we’re not really all that famous.  but i can’t Wait to see the film!

so exciting.  makes me wanna go work in my journal.journal07escapdetail2.JPG

you can also find more information on facebook.  in case you just can’t get enough of our famousness.

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  1. Stove permalink
    14 November 07 6:33 pm

    And now a painting of yours is almost famous. I suppose I am as well. Check out my friend Terri’s blog: and look at the portfolio pic of me.

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