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makin’ stuff.

25 September 07

i got up entirely too early on sunday morning.  after our crazy busy day on saturday we just went to bed early, so at 6:14 my body nudged me awake and said, “ok, thanks!  that’s enough for now…let’s get up and make tea.”  so i did just that, spread all my collage bits around the dining room table (still big from the returned potluck fridays) and played for over two hours in my journal.  i’ve got some lovely pages to show for it and i wish i could stop people in the hallways and say “hey look what i made!” like a preschooler.  so if you see me in the hallway, ask to see my cool thing i made.  k?

meanwhile, i’ll try to remember to take pictures before the sun sets and there’s still good light (oh how i hate using a flash) so i can have a little show and tell right here.

now, get off the internet and go do something creative!  even if it’s just doodling a piece of wire, make some beauty.

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