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1 September 07


there are so many good things starting in my life, i’m overwhelmed.  the starting takes a lot of preparation, and so i guess starting all these things at the same time is creating a windtunnel sensation in my head.  we are looking at houses -to purchase- and some of them need lots of work but have So much potential, others don’t need work but Oh are they boring and uninspiring and Much much more expensive than the ones with potential, and others are off the list entirely because they have both.  or a falling in roof.  or all three. 

 we are learning to do video production and editing at the community media center.  i will be utilizing this at work; massi is just doing it because, well, it’s exciting.  oh yeah and is the next step to our dream life together.  so there’s that.

and other things here and there-training a new staff, starting other new obligations at work, inheriting my grandmother’s sewing machine, learning more and more one little things i can do to make a difference.

i’m not complaining.  i’m just giving you a warning in case i seem scatterbrained or tell you i can’t hang out.  it’s not that i don’t love you-i do-it’s just that my life is overwhelmingly full right now.

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