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one little (bag) thing

25 August 07

today i’m going to trader joe’s with a friend. an exciting little road trip!  though i really enjoy trader joe’s sturdy fun paper bags with good handles, i just put my chicobags where i won’t forget them.  this is another “one little thing” change i’ve made-reusable bags.  the average american uses 600 plastic bags in a year.  i’d like to get my plastic bag footprint down to like five.  this isn’t a new little thing, to be honest.  i learned this in spain from my cheese store.  they gave me for christmas one year a nice refoldable bag with a pocket that said “que necessites?” -what do you want? in catalan.  the handles were easier on my hands when heavy with food, i didn’t have to worry about the bag breaking on my 5 block walk back from the market….it was better for me And better for the environment.

same with my chico bags.  depending on where i go, of course, i get different reactions.  some places, like the giant megastore/grocer here in my parts, are gruff and annoyed.  other places, though, they strike up conversations.  in family fare i get 5 cents off for each reusable bag i bring in.  i’m told the others do it too, but i’ve looked and the refund hasn’t shown up, even if they do have the program.   but it’s not about the 5 cents, anyway; and i don’t care if people are annoyed about something they should be happy about.  it’s about having a better bag that also -bonus!-doesn’t abuse the earth.  i read recently that this is called lazy environmentalism.  if you ask me, it’s called logical.

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  1. alottaerrata permalink
    2 September 07 4:58 am

    our big box grocer gives 3 cents off for each bag you bring in. I’ve been using my chico bags for over a year (love them!) and have added a few canvas totes to my collection- mostly freebies from conferences and such. Any how, one of the first few times I brough the bags to the store the 16 year old cashier looked at me and said “you know, at only 3 cents per bag discount, it just doesn’t make financial sense”

    I wanted to look at him and say “I’m saving the world… and you’ll thank me when you’re older” but I resisted, only saying that it wasn’t about the money.

  2. 22 November 14 6:48 pm

    Woot, I will cealirnty put this to good use!

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